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What ClickWrite can do for you

This is where you would enter your meta description. Hopefully you like SEO as much as ClickWrite

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Global AND Local

With local websites AND a global website, companies are now in a position to tailor their message like never before. 

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Target AND Mass Marketing

Local websites can create targeted messages to capitalize on what is going on in the local community - all while maintaining the mass marketing message of the corporate website.

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Style AND Substance

Maintain your company's style with consistent branding while at the same time allowing microsite owners to create substance for your customers with targeted content.

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Control AND Freedom

You no longer have to choose between control OR freedom. With ClickWrite you get control AND freedom.

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Why do I need it?

In this AND/OR world, it's not about OR anymore. ClickWrite allows you to make AND happen.

You get Control AND Freedom
You get Style AND Substance
You get Targeted AND Mass Marketing
You get Global AND Local Reach

All with one system.

Who uses it?

Franchises can use the platform to give each franchisee their own website.

Agencies can allow each agent to have their own website to target their sales efforts to their market.


- User Websites provides a jumpstart to app developers so they can focus on the app not how to distribute the results.

ClickWrite User Update - July 2012
More new features have come on line. Here’s what's new.
ClickWrite User Update - May 2012

We've made improvements to ClickWrite - learn about them here.

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