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ClickWrite Update

May 2012


As we continue to evolve ClickWrite, we've added new features and moved some old features around. Here's a short list of what's been updated. Look below for details on each.

  • Sign In With Google

  • Search Fields Make Backend Navigation Easier

  • Page Information Improved

  • New Location For XML Sitemap

  • New Home For ClickWrite Support

  • URL Aliases Settings Centralized and Simplified

Sign In with Google

We've added another way to sign in to ClickWrite using Google ID. If you already have a Google account (your gmail address and password), just click the Sign In With Google button located on your Sign In page. Enter your Google sign in information on the next screen and you will be signed into ClickWrite. The first time you use this feature Google will ask to authenticate that you want to connect using their sign in information - it's a simple approval and you'll be on your way right after.

Your ClickWrite Username and Password will continue to work as well - just remember to use the appropriate fields on the sign in page.


ClickWrite Website Platform - Google Sign In location


Search Fields Make Backend Navigation Easier

We heard loud and clear that as ClickWrite website networks expand, locating pages and individual sites can be a challenge. To improve navigation on the backend of the system, we've added Search Fields to drop-down lists on the Dashboard and Website Manager. Just start typing the name of the website or page in the corresponding search field and ClickWrite will bring the results that match your entry to the top of the list - then just click and go. 


ClickWrite Website Platform - Search Fields


Page Information Improved

We've added a one-stop-shop location to gather detailed page information for each page on your site. Simply go to Page Settings >> Page Information to review details about the page including:

  • Status
  • Owner
  • Design and Layout
  • Page Name
  • Web Address
  • Show in Navigation status
  • Page Archive status
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keyword
  • Excerpt text


ClickWrite Website Platform - Page Information

New XML Sitemap URL Location

We've moved the XML sitemap URL display location to Website Information. In case you're wondering what the XML sitemap URL is used for, it's uploaded to search engines so they have access to the sitemap of your ClickWrite website. Once it's uploaded, every time you add a page to your website the search engine is notified via this link. This will trigger the search engine spiders to come back to index your site again. Niffy automated SEO feature, non?

ClickWrite Website Platform - Website Information - XML Sitemap Location

New Home For ClickWrite Support

We've brought support home! All ClickWrite support is now housed on the ClickWrite website. There's already lots of good stuff there and we'll keep expanding it with helpful support topics - mostly the result of user questions. If you need to access Support while working on your website, remember there is always a link to ClickWrite Support in the footer of every page in the system.  Please let us know if there are topics you would like more information about by submitting a Support Request.

ClickWrite Website Platform - Contact Support location


URL Alias Settings Centralized and Simplified

What's an alias? Good question. An alias allows you to create a unique URL that directs traffic to another page. Often this new URL is shorter or more concise than the original URL of the page. We've created a centralized location where you create and edit URL aliases. You'll find it under Website Settings >> Site Alias Settings. (Feel free to contact Support if you have questions about this feature.)

ClickWrite Website Platform - URL Alias Settings location 

Finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't thank our users. It's because of your feedback that we continue to improve - these changes are because of you!


ClickWrite User Update - July 2012
More new features have come on line. Here’s what's new.
ClickWrite User Update - May 2012

We've made improvements to ClickWrite - learn about them here.

ClickWrite at IFA Convention

In support of our partner, Stark Logic, our franchise team will be attending the International Franchise Association (IFA) convention.

Demo Fall 2011

ClickWrite is going to Demo Conference Fall 2011! Boom!

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Crowdsourcing Pt 3 Managing Your Crowdsource

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Crowdsourcing Pt 2 Finding Success in a Crowd

“On the Internet no one knows you are a dog,” which is what makes crowdsourcing possible. Nobody knows whether you are a professional photographer or award winning screenwriter. The only qualification is the work itself.

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Crowdsourcing Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Pt. 1 - An Introduction to Crowdsourcing

Increasing your leads and conversions with ClickWrite

So you have tried everything; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIN, and yelling at people from your 3rd floor office, but the leads generated and amount of conversions haven’t been what you expected.  You ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong?"

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Create a Positive Customer Experience with a Microsite

Microsites can be as complex or simple as you want and can deliver a targeted message no matter how many pieces of additional information is on the page or pages.  The size of the microsite and the content used will depend on what your goal is and who you want to target.

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Successful Franchises Use Microsites - Pt 4

Even if your content is stuff of legend it won’t matter to your target market, in this case potential franchisees, if they can’t find the site! 

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Successful Franchises Use Microsites - Pt 3

Launching The Site and Creating Its Content

In the first two parts of Successful Franchises Use Microsites we looked at how franchisors, and franchisees, are having a difficult time determining what marketing strategy works best for them, how a microsite can combine different pieces of media within that strategy, and how a franchisor can benefit from creating a microsite specifically for franchise sales.  This week we will take a look at the microsite and how content marketing strategy plays a vital role in its success.  

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Successful Franchises Use Microsites - Pt 2

Microsites Dedicated to Franchise Sales

Last week we took a look at the crowded media landscape and how franchisors are having a difficult time determining which options are best for them and their franchisees.  This week we will look at whether a microsite dedicated to franchise sales is a good move for franchisors.  According to the International Franchise Association (IFA)  “creating a “microsite” dedicated to franchise sales is a wise move for franchisors.”  

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Successful Franchises Use Microsites - Pt 1

Today’s marketing landscape is vastly different than 5 years ago and franchisors need to recognize the importance of multi-channel marketing.

Why Should You Build a Microsite? Here Are 10 Reasons

Engaging, interactive brand microsites have many benefits to your brand and company.  Who wouldn't want increased brand awareness, improved SEO, and increased engagement with clients and consumers?

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Microsites - Effective Brand Awareness and Messaging Tools

The substantial increase in purchase intent, brand favorability, ad awareness and aided brand awareness shows that a microsite experience offers a company or brand an unusual level of engagement with specific targeted users. 

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Microsites as a Marketing Service Product - the missing link?

We've been offering the ClickWrite Microsite Platform for a good many months now and have seen many light bulbs go off for people once it's explained. Seems the need for such a product is vast and as unique as great marketing minds can make of it.

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Google Place Search and Microsites - A Winning Combination

Microsite networks have terrific potential in obtaining high ranking local search results. A recent change to Google's Place Search provides an even better way to highlight this potential and produce amazing results.

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Microsite Network Launch Offers Glimpse of Local Marketing Success

A recent ClickWrite implementation went live about 2 weeks ago. So far the results are amazing - in user response as well as client education.

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ClickWrite Featured On 2 Podcasts
Alex Huff, LoudClick Founder and CEO, has been interviewed on 2 podcasts providing a great overview of what the ClickWrite Microsite Platform is, the ideas that led to its creation and who would benefit from it most Read More
Microsites Plus Social Media Equals Successful Reach Strategy

Integrating social media into a microsite network strategy helps build a sharing rich environment which leads to successful reach.

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ClickWrite Website Platform Formally Launched

LoudClick is delighted to announce the ground-breaking ClickWrite Website Platform is now available! 

Finding Search Engine Success with Microsites

Finding good search results is certainly not impossible or even that difficult particularly if you use good solid content marketing techniques - and microsite strategies 

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Why do I need it?

In this AND/OR world, it's not about OR anymore. ClickWrite allows you to make AND happen.

You get Control AND Freedom
You get Style AND Substance
You get Targeted AND Mass Marketing
You get Global AND Local Reach

All with one system.

Who uses it?

Franchises can use the platform to give each franchisee their own website.

Agencies can allow each agent to have their own website to target their sales efforts to their market.


- User Websites provides a jumpstart to app developers so they can focus on the app not how to distribute the results.

ClickWrite User Update - July 2012
More new features have come on line. Here’s what's new.
ClickWrite User Update - May 2012

We've made improvements to ClickWrite - learn about them here.

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